The Process  

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Consider the Scene

Imagine, for a moment, the perfect wedding scene. The stage is set: the venue is perfect, shimmering in anticipation. Flowers are cascading out of their vases, tablescapes are exquisite, guests excited to be part of your celebration. Will your painting capture the deep love of the wedding couple exchanging vows during the ceremony? Perhaps the pure joy felt during the first dance, with family and friends looking on in support and love? Or the uniqueness of your own personal vision? Whatever you may wish to see, I am there to create that timeless moment for you. We'll chat via email (or phone) and determine what your vision is. I often work with wedding planners to finalize details like easel placement, parking and set up times. I generally set up 2 - 3 hours in advance in order to paint the background in before guests arrive. 

The Performance

I'll set up my easel in an  5' x 7' (or less!) area where it is easy for guests to observe my work but not intrusive in any way. I work in both acrylics and oils on one painting - fine, professional grade acrylic paints form the first layers of the painting, and luminous, archival oil paints create depth and that artistic, impressionist flair on the surface. If your wedding theme showcases metallic colors, be sure to ask me about incorporating copper, silver or gold leaf in your paintings, the effect is stunning!

Guests are encouraged to come and watch me as I paint, and even, if someone is feeling artistic, to add their own brushstrokes! I thoroughly enjoy interacting with guests and explaining the process!

The Final Work of Art

If you prefer a looser, impressionistic painting I am happy to do my best to finish the work at the event itself. When I do take the painting back to the studio, there is no extra charge for adding details and refining the work, up to approximately 20 hours of studio time. I'll work closely with you on this process, so you are completely satisfied with the image I create. Depending on your location, be aware that there may be a shipping charge if your painting needs to be boxed and mailed.